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Sign Up.They're all in this quiz! Funfetti cake? That's a total yellow aura move! Choose carefully The consequences could be dire. They all shine in their own way! Are you gonna solve that mystery? Who's your bestie? It's the best time to be a witch!

This time, you're the architect! Sorry, Ted. Getting dumped in the '90s was SO devastating. Honestly, any episode will do for me. Are you dreaming of a bae for Christmas?

Both characters are badass, though. What's better than dogs and dessert? If you haven't seen Twitches, I don't even know how to talk to you.

Because we can't all go to Hogwarts. Answer as many questions as you like and keep coming back for more! Are you more like Rue or Primrose?

Diamond polish or platinum polish? You like pumpkin spice lattes? How very Charlotte of you. Are you a Ravenclaw like Charles Xavier? Time for school! It's a beautiful day to save lives and take a bunch of quizzes. We know you've been dying to figure this out. The game is afoot! I'm bored, you're bored, so honestly just take these quizzes and you'll feel better.

Sarah Paulson. That's it. That's the whole post. How much has your taste changed since childhood? A home library would be SO Hermione, right?Random Quiz.

Clickable Mines. Typing Challenge.

Can You Find the Odd Object Out in These Pictures?

True or False Logic Quiz. Harry Potter Logic Puzzle. Drawing a Blank. Eye-Numbing Numbers. Find Voldemort! Logic Puzzle. Drawing a Blank II. Spacebar Challenge II. Animals A-Z.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Word Race 3 Letters. Colors of the Rainbow. Pick Which Color? Hermoine can use the Time-Turner to save Buckbeak but not Sirius Black, so we are not sure logic plays a vital role in Harry Potter land.

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Some of us can complete a logic puzzle in 30 seconds, some of us can stare at the buttons for 30 seconds. Which side are you on? The Diabolical Minefield Maze. Here's a tip, just because you can spell Massachusetts, doesn't mean you should use it on this quiz. Green or Red? A Logic Puzzle. Crazy Number Logic Puzzle. The Heinous Lying Logic Puzzle. Safe Cracker. A Minefield Puzzle. Drawing a Blank III.No idea if that is actually possible with the unreleased ships left, though.

Something exotic like the Atlanta, that doesn't play like 'regular' ships.

fun quiz games

And if they ut in battlecruiers like the Renown i would not be surprised of we get to see a package with Repulse and Prince of Wales at the end of next year. S Philadelphia - Brooklyn class cruiser (Basically a Cleveland with an extra turret) - Served in the US navy earning multiple battle stars and citations. Later spent 20 years in the Brazilian Navy.

With 12 (4x3 turret lay out) 12" guns, she'd likely fit in at T4 or 5 quite well, depending on design. I sincerely doubt WG will do an Austrian line, so she won't be stealing from anyone's tech tree ships.

I would also love Tosa as a t8 IJN ship. Basically just a fatter, slower Amagi. I'd also join the chorus for the usual. Akagi, Enterprise, Hood, and a Regina Marina ship of choice.

fun quiz games

I'd personally lean for Littorio but that's just Kancolle fandom talking. And yeah we'd better get either Shigure or Yuudachi as a T7 premium. While Shigure is best girl I'd be happy with either. Adding on to the weeab premium boats, I also hope we see Harekaze at T8. I wasn't the biggest fan of Haifuri, but it was good enough, and the idea of a Kagero with the options for either Akizuki's or American guns sounds like it'd be great fun gameplay wise.

Possibly Vanguard as a Tier VIII. I'm hoping the Frenchies and Italians playing this game get ATLEAST one each, I'm not super knowledgable about either of these, but it's fairly obvious which ships COULD be a premium this year (plenty named in this thread alone). A competitive Tier VIII USN.

Which'll probably be the Alabama. And no more Russian Premiums for a year except maybe a BB one other than Nikolai, they had plenty as of late, at this rate they'll have an additional tech tree of Premiums before major navies get their silver tech trees. Since I'm really not sure whether i should buy the tirpitz or not right now.

And 5 special paint jobs. And a polar bear as captain.

fun quiz games

But it plays alone against everyone else (or with a few Tier I ships for the lolz of confused Tier I players wondering what the hell just happened). One of the Fantasque-class destroyers could be a pretty good premium, maybe Le Terrible since I assume Fantasque herself would be a tech tree ship and also WG selling a Terrible premium would amuse me.

Ridiculously fast (45kt), cruiser-sized, heavily armored and with pretty good torpedoes.Gallo an has been involved in advertising for nearly three decades. Paskalis is Chairman of the Board of the North American Mobile Marketing Association a board member of the Media Ratings Council. He serves on multiple IAB task forces and sits on Advisory Councils for Turner, Twitter and Cheddar. He is a long serving jury member of the IAB MIXX Awards and Global Effie awards.

Earlier this year, Lou was listed among the sixteen most tech savvy senior executives in the marketing and advertising industry by AdWeek, which also named Lou as one of the 50 most indispensable executives in Advertising.

Lou holds an MBA in finance and marketing and a B. He lives in Manhattan where he indulges his passion for bike riding, travel, fine wine and Formula One motor-racing. In May 2017, Lindsay was named Chief Transformation Officer for WPP and GroupM. The newly created position sees Lindsay lead change initiatives across GroupM, its media agencies and specialists, and working closely with leaders across WPP to deliver the best possible communications for clients.

Lindsay previously served as the Global CEO of Maxus, a position held since October 2014. She joined Maxus in October 2009 as UK CEO and in August 2012, Lindsay took on an additional role as Global Chief Strategy Officer for Maxus. Lindsay now sits on the Chime LTD board as a non-executive director, representing WPP. Geoff Ramsey is on the cutting edge of consumer, marketing and media trends in a digital world. Through his dynamic and high-energy keynotes, Ramsey consistently wows audiences by weaving together market data and a powerful narrative explaining the critical implications for marketers.

As chief innovation officer and co-founder of eMarketer, Ramsey has rich insights and a big-picture perspective into all facets of digital and its impact on marketing, business and society. Ramsey has also delivered custom presentations for Fortune 100 corporations including Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Coca-Cola, The Home Depot and American Express.

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At UWINCorp, Sandra is working on an asset registry services and trading marketplace blockchain project focusing on physical commodity markets.

She brings over 15 years of global capital markets, derivatives and market infrastructure experience. She is the former Executive Director, Head of Digitization at CME Group. She is also a former Treasurer and founding board member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). Sandra holds an M.

She advises and supports several women, children, education, animal conservation-focused non-profits in the USA, UK, and sub-Saharan Africa.

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Prior to Roku, Scott was CEO of Umami, a VC-backed companion TV startup. Before that, he held senior product and engineering roles at Rovi, BlackArrow, ReplayTV and Intel. Scott has spoken at many industry conferences including VideoNuze, IAB Leadership Forum and other key events.

Jo Ann Ross is a broadcast network sales veteran who has served in various sales roles at CBS over the last 25 years. Ross, the first woman to serve as sales chief of a broadcast network and the longest running sales head in broadcast television,was promoted to President and Chief Advertising Revenue Officer, CBS Corporation in August 2017.

Ross previously served as President, Network Sales, CBS Television Network since October 2002, responsible for overseeing all sales for CBS Entertainment, Sports, Daytime, News and Late Night.

In addition to her new responsibilities, Ross will continue to run the Network sales team in its many operations.

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